Assistive Hearing Loop

Ocala West has installed a Hearing Loop in the Sanctuary to assist those with hearing loss to hear more clearly during services.

A Hearing Loop is an assistive listening system that transmits sound directly into hearing aids or cochlear implants rather than depending on sound coming from the loudspeakers.  By using a Hearing Loop, speech can retain its clarity and quality because it arrives immediately and directly in the hearing device without the presence of reverberation, echo, or background noise. To receive the Loop signal, the hearing aid or implant must contain a manual Telecoil (T-coil) or you may know it as a manual telephone setting. 

If you don’t know if you have a T-coil or whether yours is properly programmed, consult with your audiologist or hearing aid professional.  If you don’t wear hearing aids, a Loop receiver, which is a headset system, may be available to receive the sound. 
*Please note that our regularly used Hearing Assistance Devices will still be available for use.*