Faith Circle

Faith Circle meets the second Monday of the month at 1:00p.m. at the home of Martha Laper in On Top of the World.  Faith Circle would love to have visitors come and join a meeting.  The charity that we support is the local domestic abuse shelter.  

The Shelter is a safe haven for a large number of women and children and its needs are many. Faith members take up a monthly collection of common household items to help the shelter. There is a drawer in the cabinet in the Gathering Place where you can place your contribution for the shelter.  Inside the drawer is a list of the household items that they always use.

Also, the circle is in the planning stage of a project to help "The Master's Table" as Zion UMC.  You will hear more about this project next mounth.  

Our monthly programs center around the educational goals of the United Methodist Women organization, such as spiritual growth, advocacy and service.   The local unit has a reading program to encourage all members to become aware of needs and solutions.
Martha Laper