Opportunities to Serve

The youth of our church LOVE to serve! They play musical instruments, sing, read Scripture, pray, and speak during worship services. They throw beach balls, make hula hoop size bubbles, and assist in the nursery during special events like Vacation Bible School. They join with church members of all ages in service projects from improving our church campus to closet clean out days. Most of all, they grow their hearts and lives as servant leaders. Our youth know what it means to be blessed by giving time, energy and resources to honor God’s Kingdom! From fun, to missions, to hard work, our youth are leaders present and serving!

Special Note: Many of our youth meet high school community service requirements as well as improve their resumes and scholarship applications by tracking their service hours and having them signed by a supervising staff member or pastor. If you are a youth, seeking to grow as a servant and leader, contact us today!