Wednesday Night Dinners at 5:00 p.m.

These Church-Cooked, Home-style meals are prepared by small groups who cook together, pray together, and bless the whole church community with great food together! Whether appetizer or dessert, our Wednesday Night Dinners are the perfect beginning or end to your small group experience.

New REFRESH Groups will be offered this summer beginning with the Sunday Sermon on June 10th and continuing through August 29th.  Don’t worry if your not able to attend every one.  Groups consist of stand-alone lessons, so if you have to be away, you won’t have to catch up! REFRESH Groups are designed to Renew and deepen relationships, Reflect and grow over discussion questions from the Sunday Sermons and Refresh our souls as we share, care, and pray in our small group faith communities.  See below for REFRESH Group times, days and locations throughout each week.


Finding more information or getting involved is easy, just contact our Director of Adult Ministry:

Susan Engle at or 352-854-9550

Sunday after church brunch at a Candler Hills, 12:30PM led by Jane and Jim McGrath (couples/mixed group).

Monday morning MEN’s prayer breakfast in the Multipurpose Room (203), 7:30 AM with rotating leaders (men’s group)

Wednesday evening after dinner in the Gathering Place (103), 6:00 PM led by Carol and Norm Recknor (couples/mixed group)

Wednesday evening after dinner in Room 104, 6:00 PM led by Susan Engle (women’s group)

Wednesday evening after dinner YOUTH Group in Room 102, 6:00 PM led by Madeline Baum (youth group)

Thursday morning at Oak Run, 10:00 AM led by Kathy Dadukian and Mary Senko (couples/mixed group )

Thursday afternoon at Pine Run, 1:00 PM led by Diane and Jim Davis (couples / mixed group)

Saturday morning breakfast at Samantha’s Cafe at Spruce Creek Golf Club, 9:00 AM led by Susan Engle (couples / mixed group)

FACEBOOK Group Open to those who are unable to attend a face-to-face group due to distance or special circumstances.