SUNDAY at church REFRESH SMALL GROUP at 9:15 AM (Friendship Sunday School, Chapel)


SUNDAY at church REFRESH SMALL GROUP, AT 10:45 AM in the Leaves Sunday School Class in Room 104 led by Norm Recknor (all adults).


MONDAY morning REFRESH MEN’S PRAYER BREAKFAST, at 7:30 AM, in the Multi-Purpose Room 203 with rotating leaders (men’s group).


WEDNESDAY afternoon, SMALL GROUP, “When God Doesn’t Fix It: Learning to Walk in God’s Plans Instead of Our Own” by Laura Story at 3:30 PM in Room 105 led by Ann Pelham.

Laura Story’s Life took an unexpected turn when her husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor. The news brought Laura’s dreams of a fairy-tale life to an end. Yet it also brought her a deeper intimacy with God as she turned to Him and allowed Him to rewrite her story. This study shows that while God may not fix every broken thing in our lives, He will lead us to a place where we are better because of it.

WEDNESDAY evening REFRESH SMALL GROUP at 6:00 PM in Room 104.

WEDNESDAY evening, SMALL GROUP, “Three Simple Rules” by Ruben Job at 6:00 PM in Room 104 led by Susan Engle.

There are three simple rules that have the power to change the world. While they are ancient, they have seldom been fully put to the test. We live in such a fast-paced, frenzied, and complex world that it is easy to believe we are all trapped into being someone we do not wish to be and living a life we do not desire to live. With God’s help and our willingness we can learn and practice these three simple rules, changing our personal worlds and the world around us.

WEDNESDAY evening, SMALL GROUP, “The Daniel Key,” by Anne Graham Lotz at 3:30 PM in Room 104 led by Susan Engle.

Every day we make multiple choices, from the time we choose to get out of bed to the time we choose to go back to bed. Summer practical, some emotional and some social. The ones that make all the difference in our lives are our moral and spiritual choices. These choices, in a very real way, determine our character and our success as human beings. Daniel was a man who made the right choices again and again. Join us as we examine those choices and looked to apply them to our own lives.

WEDNESDAY evening, SMALL GROUP, “A Grace-full Life” by Jorge Acevedo and Wes Olds at 6:00 PM in Room 105 led by Sharon Zieglar.

God’s grace is like a big umbrella that covers us from the cradle to the grave. We all live under this grace. The question is: how do we experience it? Journey with us as we experience the amazing grace of God that transforms us, those around us, and our world.